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Surgical removal of the foreskin - the only effective method to eliminate the problem of phimosis

How do we perform foreskin removal
– described by doctor Agnieszka Chomicz


The patient should be adequately prepared for circumcision. Before the procedure, the patient should see a doctor who will perform it. The doctor will carry out an extensive interview and ask you, among other things, about the diseases, medications and will carry out additional tests. Before the planned procedure, the patient should be in full health, during this period one should not take antibiotics, and after consulting the doctor one should also discontinue anticoagulants. Before the procedure, pubic hair should be removed.


The scope of the surgical removal of the foreskin depends on the degree of its narrowing, it may run as a plastic surgery, and in more advanced cases as a complete circumcision. During the procedure, the urologist makes a longitudinal incision in one or several places along the axis of the penis. Proper formation and sewing of the skin with a special stitch results in a desired widening of the foreskin.


Why circumcision? 

Because it allows to improve the quality of a man's life in all its aspects: physical, mental and sexual.

The procedure ensures also:

✓ easier penile hygiene maintenance, reducing the chance of infection of the glans and penis;
✓ penile cancer prophylaxis;
✓ reducing the risk of infection with sexually transmitted disease (STD) for you and your partner. 


Phimosis - a disorder causing difficulty or preventing the removal of the foreskin beyond the glans
Inflammation of the glans and foreskin
Lichen sclerosus
Too short a frenulum
Paraphimosis – a condition in which edema and ischemia appear, resulting from the entrapment of the foreskin drained in the groove
Suspicion of cancerous changes within the foreskin

Surgical removal of the foreskin is not associated with the need for patient hospitalization, if local anesthesia is used, it is necessary to remain in the medical facility after surgery for about 30-60 minutes. Due to the invasive nature of the procedure, the following complications may occur: minor bleeding, hematoma and wound infection, which are easy to treat.

Do you know that...

Physiological phimosis is a very common phenomenon, occurring in up to 96% of boys up to three years old.

Male circumcision reduces the risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases and the incidence of penile cancer.

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